Andy and Molly

                                                                                           MOLLY AND ANDY



Thank you for taking the time to consider us as potential parents for your child. Our names are Andy and Molly and we live in rural Nebraska with our two dogs, Drake and Roo. Drake is a German Shorthair, who likes to go on runs and watch wildlife pass through the yard. Roo is an American Hairless Terrier, who is small in size but large in personality. Andy is a farmer and spends his days taking care of animals or driving farm equipment. Molly is an elementary teacher and enjoys spending her days interacting with children. We are a young, adventurous couple who are excited to start our journey as parents. We have been together for over six years now and have celebrated our third anniversary of marriage. Raising children has always been a desire for the both of us, and a topic we have talked openly about throughout our relationship. However, trying to start a family was not as simple as it seemed. After multiple miscarriages, doctors determined infertility treatments would be the best option for us in hopes of a successful pregnancy. We both knew in our hearts this was not the right decision for us. Instead of infertility treatments, we chose the path of adoption. We are so happy we have chosen this path and are excited to see what the future holds for us!

We appreciate you taking the time to view our profile and taking us into consideration as potential parents for your child. We are looking forward to expanding our family through adoption and sharing all of life’s joys and adventures with a child. We are a fun-loving couple with a great support system behind us. We have endless love to share with a child and cannot wait to see where this journey takes us.

We live in a four bedroom, two bath home in rural Nebraska. Our home has a large fenced in yard where our dogs like to run around and relax in the sun. We believe the best aspect to the property is the screened-in porch. Here, you can often find us sipping coffee with our breakfast or enjoying the weather and scenery. We love inviting friends and family over for get-togethers and playing with our nieces and nephews in the yard. Our community has many great amenities to offer families and children. There is a swimming pool and splash pad in the center of town where the children love to go to in the summertime. Located right next to the pool is the town park. The town also has many churches, a bowling alley, baseball field, movie theater, public library, and so much more! We are thankful we have the opportunity to partake in many community activities and attend a wonderful church. There are plenty of clubs, teams, and programs for children to be a part of within the community. It does not matter whether this child wants to join a sports team, learn to play the piano, or participate in the 4-H programs, they are bound to find something to be a part of that they are interested in. We will encourage and support this child to be a part of any positive program that he or she has a desire to be involved in.

Having children and starting a family has always been a desire to the both of us. It is a topic that is discussed regularly in our relationship, from how we view ourselves raising a child to the things we hope to teach them. Even before getting married, adopting a child was something we talked about. We always thought someday we would try to adopt a child, however we did not realize how close that someday really was. After multiple unsuccessful pregnancies, doctors determined that infertility treatments would be the best option in hopes of a successful pregnancy. However, we both knew in our hearts that infertility treatments were not the best option for us. This became the start of our adoption journey. We are so happy we have chosen the path of adoption and cannot wait to start our journey as parents. We are looking forward to sharing all that life has to offer with a child!

Family is very important to us and we are extremely thankful that the majority of our relatives reside within fifteen minutes of us. Andy has one older sister and Molly is the youngest of three girls. We now have many nieces and nephews that we enjoy spoiling and spending quality time with. We like getting together with all of our family to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and special occasions! Our family likes to get together often for meals, Husker football games, and casual get togethers.

Having a wagging tail greet us every day is something both of us look forward to when we get home. Being animal lovers, we cannot imagine life without our dogs, Drake and Roo. Drake is our six year old German Shorthair who is always happy and full of energy. He loves to find new things to play with, go on runs with Molly, and sprawl out in the yard on a nice sunny day. Two years ago we adopted, Roo, our Hairless American Terrier. She is tiny in size but has a huge personality! She enjoys playing fetch, going on walks, and cuddling up on the couch. We believe dogs are truly “man’s best friend.” Our dogs have showed us so much love and compassion. We cannot wait for this child to always have a friend he or she can count on and a partner to go exploring with.

Andy is a farmer and spends the majority of his days caring for livestock or operating a tractor. Being a farmer, Andy has the flexibility to stay home when needed or take off work at a moment’s notice. Andy looks forward to becoming a dad and showing a child all that there is to know about farm life. Our child will be raised with the opportunity to go on tractor or combine rides, bottle-feed animals, or hang out with Andy whenever he or she may desire. Molly has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and enjoys being an elementary teacher. She spends her days with a bunch of fun-loving, rowdy 10 year olds. Having the evenings, weekends, and summers off to stay at home with a child is an important benefit to Molly’s job. When the child is school-aged, Molly will be on the same schedule as the child which will allow Molly to enjoy and support all of their child’s activities. Molly is especially excited to spend snow days at home building snowmen or sledding in the winter time.

Our favorite thing to do on our weekends off is to take our camper and boat to the lake, which is located 20 minutes from our home. At the lake, we like to relax and spend quality time with each other, family, and friends. The day is often spent on the boat, taking walks, swimming, or playing disc golf. Evenings are typically spent talking around a campfire and making s’mores. Molly enjoys spending free time baking, kayaking, or going on runs. Andy likes to fish, grill, or do woodworking projects. Being outdoor enthusiasts, we look forward to taking skiing trips together or going on a new adventure. We like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Our evenings are often spent relaxing on the patio with our dogs or taking them on a walk. Although we do like to spend time outdoors, we also like to spend time relaxing inside our home. We enjoy making dinner together, having movie nights, or inviting friends over to play cards.

We think our community has one of the best Fourth of July celebrations around, which we are so happy for since the Fourth of July is one of our favorite holidays! We always look forward to celebrating this day as a family. The day starts off with the town parade, where organizations, teams, and businesses decorate floats and toss candy out for all of the children to enjoy. Following the parade, everyone gathers in the park for lunch, games, and activities. Molly always looks forward to getting the super nachos, while Andy looks forward to the homemade ice cream. In the afternoon, kids gather at the swimming pool before watching or participating in the town softball and baseball games. The day ends with a beautiful firework show at dark. Along with the Fourth of July, we look forward to celebrating many other holidays with our family as well. The Christmas season is a beautiful time in Nebraska and we cherish the time we get to spend celebrating this holiday with our family. Christmas Eve is typically spent with Molly’s side of the family, while Christmas day is spent with Andy’s. During this joyous time, we look forward to snow being on the ground, all of the Christmas festivities in the community, and seeing lights and Christmas decor throughout the town.



At the end of the day, we enjoy coming home and playing with our dogs, making dinner, and spending quality time with each other. We love our screened-in porch, where we like to talk over meals, play cards, and spend time with our family and friends. We are a part of a small, rural community that includes many different ethnicities and religions. We attend a wonderful Lutheran Church and look forward to raising this child where he or she will be knowledgeable about many different religions and cultures. The majority of our family members live within a few miles of us. Having our family nearby has been a wonderful experience. Family get-togethers are often and we have a wonderful support system we can count on. There are many little ones that are a part of our family. We enjoy spending time with all of our nieces and nephews whenever we get the chance. Family game nights, camping trips, and ice cream dates are often! Along with us, the rest of our family is very excited to have a child join our family. All of our family and friends have been extremely supportive and encouraging in our decision and hope to adopt a child. A child that joins our family will have many cousins to play with and family members to count on! Being able to raise a child and share all of life’s experiences with them would mean the world to us! We look forward to guiding, understanding, and loving a child. This child will be raised in our home where he or she will have constant stability, predictability, and reliability. We will support and encourage this child to follow his or her own path, make positive choices, and be a responsible individual in our society. We have so much to offer a child and are excited to share our love with a little one!

As much as we look forward to watching this child grow and celebrating all of life’s milestones with this child, we imagine you might be just as excited to receive updates or have a relationship with this child. If it is your wish, we would love to have an open line of communication with you in order to share photos, provide updates, and exchange stories. We are open to this communication being through letters, e-mails, phone calls, and/or visits. We will be as open and honest as possible with this child, as our hope for this child is that they will have a positive outlook and understanding of his or her own adoption story. We know that our desire to become parents and this journey we are on would not be possible without your courage and love for this child. We thank you again for considering us as potential parents for your child.


Sincerely, Andy & Molly